The EU Rights Clinic is conducting a survey on problems which UK nationals and their family members may have encountered when applying for an M card or frontier worker permit to secure their residence in Belgium after Brexit. The EU Rights Clinic is a law clinic based in Brussels which specialises in free movement rights. All responses are collated anonymously and will be used to advocate for the rights of UK nationals before the EU institutions. The survey runs until 30 June 2022.

Please complete this survey to help us with our research on how Brexit and the M card process was rolled out in Belgium. 

The purpose of this survey is to identify systemic problems in the issuance of resident cards to UK nationals who have chosen to make Belgium their home or frontier worker permits to those who want to continue working there while residing elsewhere​. In the event such problems are identified, we intend on raising the matter further with the EU and Belgian authorities. We also intend on publishing results of the survey together with our analysis.

You can fill this form in if you are a UK national who lived in Belgium before 31 December 2020, or a family member of a UK national, or someone who applied for a frontier worker permit. This survey is anonymous and no personal data will be collected or shared. Please fill in one survey per person. 

You will have an opportunity to provide further explanation on your situation at the end of the survey, but please do not share personal information.




Due to Brexit, British citizens and their family members who were residing in Belgium before 31 December 2020 were required to apply to their local municipality (commune or gemeente) for a new residence card by 31 December 2021. The new card, referred to as the M card, is necessary for UK nationals and their family members to be able to continue to reside in Belgium under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

The Withdrawal Agreement allows national authorities to check that a person applying for the new residence card (1) was living in Belgium before the end of 2020 (2) complied with certain conditions and (3) to make criminality and security checks. In some cases people had to submit supporting documents. 

In addition, British citizens who are cross-border workers working in Belgium but residing elsewhere were entitled to apply for a frontier worker permit (carte pour le petit trafic frontalier / kaart voor klein grensverkeer), the so-called "N card" to prove their right to be able to continue working in Belgium after 31 December 2021.

[If you did not apply before 31 December 2021, but believe you are entitiled to an M card or N card, you and/or your family member can still apply for one: the Belgian authorities should assess all the circumstances of your case and your reasons for not respecting the deadline.]